Da writtings on mi wall

These r da writtings on mi wall jus talking about life in general lifes troubles ups n dwns jus mainly thoughts dat run threw mi head but main dis page is dedicated to da amor of mi life who has mi bak threw it n has faith in me who has realli made me believe in love again i guess dat sayin is rite dnt go lukin for love let it find u n it did

Fucc this stupid bull shyt u think imma fool like I’m dumb or something guess wht u doing nthn but hurting ur self cause in the  end u gon b the one who crying cuz u made the mistake of trying to play the one who really loves u for u and all ur flaws I deserve better u rite wasted my fuccing tyme putting into this relaxation ship I knew it was too good to b true the love shyt is fake ppl don’t knw hw to real if wasn’real lid to settldown then whyt say it I fuccin hate u i will never fall for another cuz another will never get the chance to Fucc me over once again

Going to church this motning blessed
Baby ur beautiful glad ur mine
Baby will b 28 on tuesday
Our many faces together enjoyn each other
Her birthday dinner at the elephant bar
Inseparable we chilln in the lounge lobby of green valley ranch resort
My love n i sharing kisses on her special weekend bfore birthday
Fly on for my baby birthday
Sent some tyme with my friend Jenna til she went to sleep kiss my friend for me love yall  @nellebelle89